Multifunctional Sharp Edge Stripping Knife


Can be used for stripping network cables, telephone cables, power cables

The crimping port can press the module to safely strip the wire without hurting the wire core

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Colewell Tools Kit 128pcs

1. High-strength alloy steel, durable
2. Non-slip handle, feel comfortable
3. Fine workmanship, clear bite pattern, strong clamping

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Colewell Tools Kit 21pcs

1. High quality high carbon steel, strong and durable
2. The clamp body is slender and can be used in various working conditions
3. The jaws are wear-resistant and non-slip, and the clamping force is strong
4. Non-slip handle, feel comfortable

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Colewell Tool Kit
Branch Shears

1. Easily cut miscellaneous branches, grass, etc.

2. Ergonomic handle design for comfortable grip

3. Stainless steel blade, high hardness, strong shear force

Multiple Torque

1. Two-speed adjustment of the slip torque to respond to the speed required for different working conditions

2. 0-450rpm/min is low-speed gear,0-1800rpm/min high-speed gears

Carp Pliers

1. The two gears can be switched freely

2. After switching to the second gear, the clamping range is larger and the working range is wider



With the high-speed drill provided by colewell, we feel the quality isvery good. Success has improvedproduction efficiency and product

quality for us.

Alan Sears

Professionalism, high cost

performance are our requirements,

good service attitude and richindustry experience are the basisfor suppliers to be trusted, which is

why we chose Colewell.


COLEWELL product quality and stability, improve services,professional is a must.

Alan Sears

Compact Structure, Exquisite And Small

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